We, at The Rose, didn’t want to offer crappy mud-water, so we became the first hotel in Venice to offer Stumptown coffee 

and the finest French croissants from chef/owner Sharon Wang's Sugarbloom bakery. If you're feeling grossed out with

junk food, we have the best juice bar available to humanity a couple of blocks away; the immaculate "Moon Juice” which offers daily

deliveries of pure cold pressed juice fasting for three or nine days.....or just one for breakfast!

We offer beach cruisers at 15$ a half day or 30$ for a full day, to scoot around the streets of Venice,

or to make use of the twenty miles of

coastal bike paths from Malibu to Manhattan Beach. And when you arrive home, why not unwind with Kaoru or Evangeline,

our resident masseuses, who offer a range of Shiatsu, pre-natal, reflexology, and Thai massage.

And you can take it from us......they're awesome!